About Us

As per the recent NZ employment statistics Unemployment has risen to the highest level since 13 years. There is an urgent need to create employment by creating new jobs or replacing outsourced jobs with NZ skilled unemployed people.

There is a scope in current NZ IT education market to introduce new courses that are more relevant to NZ IT job market. The concept of Getskilled is to introduce these courses in NZ IT education system by collaborating with IT colleges all over New Zealand. These part time courses will be delivered by industry experts e.g Managers from various corporate, Technical Leads and Architects to the students to give them a real life industry exposure.

Objective of GetSkills will be Upskill, Train and Place.

Upskill: By delivering lectures by Industry experts.

Train: Train them on live industry projects.

Place: Help and guide students to find employment.

Contact Us: ceo@getskills.co.nz , 02102336373